3 Steps After LASIK Dallas

When making the decision about LASIK, make sure you consider the following:

  1. Convenient follow-up: We have multiple locations. You can follow-up at any of our 3 locations: Las Colinas, Southlake and Plano.
  2. Eyedrops: Depending on where you have LASIK, the eyedrops used after surgery can cost as much as $350 each. At LCEC, we have made it easy by negotiating low eyedrop prices with select area pharmacies. We can even arrange for the eyedrops to be delivered
  3. AfterCare: Most LASIK patients have a stable prescription until they become aged. After spending your money on LASIK, it is prudent protect your investment. At LCEC, you have an option of a short 45-day AfterCare plan to as long as 5 year AfterCare plan.

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Laser Care Eye Center, P.A.

Vision is the most precious sense we possess. Modern life gets busy. As humans, we can excel when our vision matches the needs of our lifestyle. At LaserCare Eye Center, we specialize in Vision Correction surgery with a difference:

  • • Choices: We love LASIK and Cataract Surgery, but offer other options.
  • • Personalized care: Our goal is the best surgery experience for you.
  • • Affordable surgery: 60 months or no interest financing available.
  • • State of the art Equipment.

We also specialize in General Ophthalmology. Whether you need a complete Eye exam, Contact lens exam or have Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration or Dry Eyes, we have the right specialist for you.