William A. Boothe, MD

dr-bootheMAY 1st., 2015

On this day, William A. Boothe, M.D. (a true Texas legend in the eyes of many) retired and closed his practice. Dr. Boothe often bragged of having been the busiest LASIK surgeon in world. At most recent count, he is reported to have done over 150,000 LASIK procedures.

When he needed to find a practice to leave his medical records to, he chose Sidney Gicheru, M.D. at LaserCare Eye Center. He had many choices. Dr. Gicheru founded LaserCare Eye Center in 2000.

On May 1st, LaserCare Eye Center became the Custodian of Medical Records for Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center. LaserCare Eye Center is an independent Ophthalmology practice and we would be happy to see you as a New Patient.

Why join LaserCare Eye Center as a New Patient?

Expertise: We have 4 Ophthalmologists and have been providing LASIK and Cataract Surgery since 2000.

Technology: Like Dr. Boothe, we provide the advanced “All Laser” Intra-LASIK procedure.

Convenience: We have 3 locations in Las Colinas, Plano and Southlake.

Boothe Patient Discounts: For a limited time, we are providing discounts for select Boothe LASIK patients. Please call xx for more details.

Our Focus: We aim to be a Center of Excellence for Eyecare. When Dr. Gicheru founded the practice, he added the “CARE” in LaserCare for this reason.

Insurance: We accept most Medical Insurance. NOTE: LASIK is not covered by insurance, but your office visits may be covered.

Medical Records: We have your Boothe Medical Records. This information is important if you are planning a LASIK enhancement or Cataract surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened to Dr. Boothe? After practicing in the DFW metroplex and reportedly performing over 150,000 LASIK, Dr. Boothe and his wife felt it was time for him to retire. Effective May 1st, 2015, he closed his practice, Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center. His decision was voluntary.
  2. Did LaserCare Eye Center buy Dr. Boothe’s practice? No. LaserCare Eye Center is merely the Custodian of Medical Records and did not buy Dr. Boothe’s practice. This is a common arrangement when a Doctor retires.
  3. Will LaserCare Eye Center be taking over the post-op care of Boothe patients? LaserCare Eye Center is an independent Ophthalmology practice providing LASIK, Cataract Surgery and General Eye Care. Boothe patients, who wish to be seen in our practice, must join our practice as New Patients. Furthermore, payment is required at the time services are provided. For a limited time, we are offering discounts for select Boothe patients. Please call xx for more details.
  4. How do I get a copy of my Medical Record? Provided Dr. Boothe evaluated you between May 1st, 2008 and May 1st, 2015, LaserCare Eye Center should have your medical record. Please click here for more details. We charge a $25 medical records release fee.
  5. I just had a LASIK enhancement by Dr. Boothe in 2015. We would be happy to see you as a New patient in our office. Please call xx to make an appointment. Please be advised that payment will be required at the time of any medical services being provided.
  6. I am a Boothe Lifetime warranty patient. The Boothe Lifetime warranty was only valid during the life of the patient, Dr. Boothe and/or his practice. Dr. Boothe’s practice closed on May 1st, 2015 and thus these warranties are void. As a courtesy, LaserCare Eye Center is offering discounts for select Boothe patients. Please call xx for more details.

Medical Record Retention Policy

If you are a former Boothe patient and were seen by Dr. Boothe between May 2008 and May 2015, we probably have your Boothe Medical Records. You have 3 options:

  1. We would be happy to have you as a New Patient in our practice. To make an appointment at any of our 3 locations, please call xxx.
  2. If you wish to be seen elsewhere, we would be happy to release a copy of your medical record. We charge a $25 medical record release fee.
    1. To get a copy of your record, please click here, print and fill out the medical record request form.
    2. Then, click here to pay the $25 Medical record fee.
    3. Following this, either email, mail or fax the form to our office.
      1. Fax:
      2. Email: MedicalRecords@LaserCareEye.com
      3. Mail: 1910 E. Highway 114, Southlake, Texas 75093.
    4. We will send a copy of your Medical record within 14 business days after the we receive payment and a signed copy of the Medical record request form.
  3. If you do not wish to be seen at this time, we will continue to store your medical record, but beware that we will only do this for a limited time. If more than 7 years elapses from the time you last saw Dr. Boothe, the records will be destroyed pursuant to Texas law.

NOTE: If your last visit with Dr. Boothe was prior to May 1st, 2008, your medical records have been destroyed pursuant to Texas law and we will not have a copy of the records.

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