Why Choose Us?

  • Experience: We have been providing LASIK in Dallas Fort Worth since 2000.
  • We provide true personalized LASIK: 1 patient at a time.
  • No haggle/No hassle pricing. Pricing is based on prescription, complexity and Aftercare package.
  • We believe in the technology: Our Medical Director (Dr. Sidney Gicheru) and most of our staff have had LASIK.
  • We provide “All Laser” IntraLASIK procedures exclusively. No Blade LASIK here.
  • We use the Visx Excimer Laser: it is the only FDA approved laser that provides true Customized Wavefront Guided LASIK treatments.

Our Competition

  • Some provide “Assembly line” LASIK: 50+ patients in a day and 4-8 patients at a time: No privacy. Risk for errors.
  • They do not believe in the technology: Some docs provide LASIK while wearing glasses.
  • Bait and Switch pricing: Some advertise a $299 per eye, but the procedure is performed with a microkeratome (blade). Some surgeons in Dallas still use a Blade (gasp!) and call it “LASEK”.
  • Some use “Wavefront Optimized” lasers instead of true Wavefront guided: Do you really want the cheaper way for YOUR eye surgery?

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Laser Care Eye Center, P.A.

Vision is the most precious sense we possess. Modern life gets busy. As humans, we can excel when our vision matches the needs of our lifestyle. At LaserCare Eye Center, we specialize in Vision Correction surgery with a difference:

  • • Choices: We love LASIK and Cataract Surgery, but offer other options.
  • • Personalized care: Our goal is the best surgery experience for you.
  • • Affordable surgery: 60 months or no interest financing available.
  • • State of the art Equipment.

We also specialize in General Ophthalmology. Whether you need a complete Eye exam, Contact lens exam or have Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration or Dry Eyes, we have the right specialist for you.