Laser Vision Correction Price Match Guarantee

Why are we so extremely confident in our pricing?
LASIK Our prices for the LASIK Eye Surgery procedure fees range from a super low $250 per eye* to $2599* per eye. Technology upgrades vary**. Upfront Pricing is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Our Price Match Guarantee: We have good reason to believe our Surgery prices are some of the lowest, legitimate LASIK prices in DFW. We believe this so much, that we offer a Price Match Guarantee like Dr. Bill Boothe did:

If you are an eligible LASIK candidate* and are quoted a lower Blade-free LASIK procedure fee after an official LASIK evaluation from a legitimate LASIK surgery provider in the DFW metroplex, please bring it to us in writing within 7 business days of your official evaluation and we will do our best to match it, provided it includes a similar Aftercare Package*** and uses equivalent technology. ****

For full disclosure: We will not match “blade” LASIK prices because we don’t offer LASIK with a blade. We only offer “All laser” LASIK. Thus, we will not match LASEK or “blade fee LASIK” that do not include the use of an advanced Femtosecond laser.

Remember: If a LASIK procedure fee sounds too good to be true, it will either be:

  • performed with older technology or
  • you are about to experience the “bait and switch” game.

*$250 per eye price applies to patients with no prior eye surgery and with qualifying insurance receiving a treatment of up to -1.00 Diopter of sphere with up to +0.50 Diopter of astigmatism (prescription in plus cylinder only) performed with no technology upgrades (Monovision, SMILE and PRK are excluded) but using our most basic offered excimer treatment with a Gold Aftercare plan. Prices range from $250 to $2599 per eye depending on Prescription, Technology upgrade and Aftercare. Prices do not include the pre-op fee, punctal plugs or any other testing or exam recommended. Prices cannot be combined with any other specials, discounts, Groupon, Comanagement, insurance or vision plans. Prices subject to change without notice. **Technology upgrades including Monovision, PRK, SMILE may incur additional charges or mandatory enrollment in a higher tier Aftercare Package. The final decision about technology used is made by the LCEC Surgeon. ***Purchase of an aftercare Package required. ****Similar technology: Visumax Femtosecond laser for SMILE, LASIK flap with either Visumax or Intralase FS laser and Custom LASIK must be with an Aberrometer (comparable to IDesign) for true custom guided LASIK and Custom Wavefront optimized LASIK must be with a newer generation excimer laser. We will not match prices for LASEK, PRK, blade-LASIK or any form of Laser Vision Correction that does not require use of a Femtosecond laser. Contact us for details about other applicable restrictions and requirements.

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Laser Care Eye Center, P.A.

Vision is the most precious sense we possess. Modern life gets busy. As humans, we can excel when our vision matches the needs of our lifestyle. At LaserCare Eye Center, we specialize in Vision Correction surgery with a difference:

  • • Choices: We love LASIK and Cataract Surgery, but offer other options.
  • • Personalized care: Our goal is the best surgery experience for you.
  • • Affordable surgery: 60 months or no interest financing available.
  • • State of the art Equipment.

We also specialize in General Ophthalmology. Whether you need a complete Eye exam, Contact lens exam or have Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration or Dry Eyes, we have the right specialist for you.