How to get SMILE Vision Correction in Dallas

LaserCare Eye Center was the first practice in Dallas Fort Worth and Plano to offer the SMILE Vision Correction to patients. We have been offering SMILE since June 2017. SMILE is the most advanced laser vision correction technique approved by the FDA. If you are interested in SMILE Vision Correction, contact us to schedule a free Laser Vision Correction consultation.

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What is SMILE?
SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. It is similar to LASIK, but offers several distinct advantages. It is also much simpler: LASIK uses 2 lasers. SMILE uses 1 laser. The biggest advantage of SMILE is that it is a Flapless procedure, which means it is safer in case of an injury. For a short video animation of the procedure, click here.

Advantages of SMILE

  • Minimally invasive Flap-less procedure: Unlike LASIK, with SMILE there is no flap. Additionally, only 1 laser is used instead of 2 lasers with LASIK. The Visumax laser used for SMILE only applanates the cornea instead of the cornea and conjunctiva with LASIK (which means less bright red eye hemorrhages). It also uses less energy and gentler on the eye.
  • Faster recovery: With LASIK, there are restrictions on activities for as long as 2 weeks because of the risk of damaging the flap while it heals. With SMILE, there is no flap to damage and so you can return to activities as quickly as the Next Day.
  • Accuracy: The FDA clinic trial for SMILE Vision Correction showed visual acuity similar to LASIK. For more information, CLICK HERE
  • Safety: The same FDA clinical trial showed a similar profile to LASIK. Unlike LASIK where there is a concern of damaging a LASIK flap with trauma (blow, airbag, etc.), with SMILE there is no flap. SMILE is available in over 65 countries and over 1 million procedures have been performed worldwide. For more information, CLICK HERE

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